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April 24 2016

Mockups are fun

Mockups can be a fun tool for authors!

Just recently I found myself in the wonderful workd of mockups. I found so many that I want to use for the future that I filled half my hard-drive with them. These are PSD files (at least in the cases that I have here), that help you display your own works in realistic pictures. It is surprisingly hard to explain. But I’ll show you an example below.

That mockup has a ready made picture and the…

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April 13 2016

Self publishing #2 - Beta-readers

Self publishing #2 - Working with Beta-readers

In my first post about my journey of self publishing, I have written about the first step on the journey: Buildling a base like a blog, website and so on. I am not going to tell you how to write. That has two reasons.

Number one is that everybody writes different. Be it style, voice, length, process and so on. It’s a thing that everyone has to find out for themselves. The other is that I’m still…

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April 07 2016

Schwarzkopf Live Color Xxl Permanent Red Hair Dye

Schwarzkopf Live Color Xxl Permanent Red Hair Dye

Ever since I was rather young, about 9 or something, I have been dyeing my hair. First with Henna, later with permanent hair dye – which as we all know is not really permanent. It does not even hold as long as I would love to, but yeah I have been a redhead as long as I remember. About 6 years ago I had to stop dyeing my hair because I couldn’t afford it any more – even home dye was too much for…

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March 20 2016

Feluna Snuggle Blanket XXL

Feluna Snuggle Blanket XXL

I do apologize for the longer gaps between my posts. There is just so much on my list at the moment that I have to shift priorities. But I am still here and still testing great stuff to review them here. Not that there are many of you who would miss me ;)

Either way today I am looking at something I was looking forward to have in my hands ever since I saw it. Regrettably I have not seen it on any…

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March 10 2016

50% off my books on Smashwords!

50% off my books on Smashwords! Only until March 12th! Come and get them now!

I am participating in a Smashwords sitewide promotion! Many many authors have enrolled their books in this promotion for discounts that will allow you to shop for a great number of books for little money! 

Both of my books “Sra’kalor” and “Kaleidoscope of my mind” are off 50% on Smashwords only until March 12th!

Sra'kalor Cover  Kaleidoscope of my mind

How does it work? You put your books in the cart and when you check out use the…

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March 02 2016

Self publishing #1 - The start is not what you think it is

Self publishing #1 – The start is not what you think it is

I have been asked a couple of times how I went about my self publishing journey and I have tried to answer to the best of my ability. Despite having read hours and hours about self publishing, what to do and how it works, I have made many mistakes. So I decided to share my way, and not only tell you what I did, but also what I did wrong. Maybe the one or other will find this helpful. Because self…

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ManuMar Shawl Unisex

This has taken a while, lots of stuff going on in Real Life, but I still have a lot of things to show you. Today I’ll show you a lovely shawl that I sadly did not find in any other amazon store but the German one. I’m not sure if they deliver outside of Germany, but check it out.


Sorry about the selfie being so blurry, but my phone cam can make taking pics difficult with that back cam, this…

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February 20 2016

0601 a693

February 17 2016

Esorio Stereo Earphones

I have to admit that I am a little bit excited about this little beauty. The Esorio Stereo Earphones.

Esorio Stereo Earphones

I don’t know if my ears are very sensitive or if in-ear earphones simply suck, but usually I cannot wear in-ear earphones for any longer than 5 minutes before they start to hurt like a … well they hurt. These hard plugs press against the ear canal and if they don’t do that and hurt, they slip…

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February 12 2016

PediSure Professional Micro Pedicure

PediSure Professional Micro Pedicure

Remember when I said that you might get to know me better than you possibly want to? Today is one of these times you might do exactly that. ;)

Today I have one of the rare Beauty Items that I request for reviews. I’m not a make up girl, I don’t do much to my hair or body other than water and soap, so Beauty products  are not what I usually go for. But when I saw this pedicure device I had to try…

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February 09 2016

Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Marker Pen Bundle

Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Marker Pen Bundle

Today I’m looking at this “Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Marker Pen Bundle“. When I requested this for review I thought it would be a lot of fun, and I was right!

 Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Marker Pen Bundle

This bundle comes with 48 labels, that is a LOT of labeling. You can see the different shapes of labels on the picture. The Bundle also included the pen, which contains liquid chalk apparently.

Before you use it for the first time…

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February 03 2016

Cuisique Spiralizer - 8 in 1 Food Cutter

Cuisique Spiralizer – 8 in 1 Food Cutter

So you might not know that, but those who know me do: I am super lazy. Yeah there I said it. I am lazy with about everything, that includes cooking. I love eating and I love to think that I can put a decent meal on the table, but I am super lazy. Preparation is my most hated part of cooking. Too bad that it is so important. So the tool I will talk about today was a heaven sent.


The Spiralizer is…

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February 01 2016

XXL clip-on picture frame (Goods & Gadgets)

XXL clip-on picture frame (Goods & Gadgets)

For Christmas I have gotten a super awesome gift from a friend. A really big glow in the Dark Doctor Who poster. Now with it being so awesome I did not want to just drive push pins through the corners and damage it. You might be able to imagine my joy when I saw this frame in the list of items offered for reviews. So today I am talking about this!

Photo Frame

Before you ask, the Poster is not included –…

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January 31 2016

Daffodil USB Reading Lamp

Daffodil USB Reading Lamp

Today I’m taking a look at the Daffodil USB Reading Lamp. This is one of those purchases that filled a void. My old desk lamp had just given up and went to the really bright land with bulbs for sleeping pillows. And over the years I have spent a lot on this lamp for bulbs. So when I saw that lamp I just had to try it.

Daffodil LEC150 USB Light - Energy Efficient Reading Lamp

I feel lucky that I was chosen to review it and I couldn’t be happier. So…

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January 26 2016

Provèn Thermometer Review

I don’t know about you. But when I am sick I really don’t want to have that cold metal tip of a regular thermometer stuck up my… well anywhere. It takes too long, it is uncomfortable, and with every move I worry that I drop it. So imagine my excitement when I found this little beauty. The Provèn Thermometer.

Provèn Thermometer

First let me give you the hard data:

  • Head and Ear mode
  • °C and °F
  • Saves the last 20…

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January 24 2016

Today I am going to look at this nifty little tool, the KIMILAR Retractable LED Flashlight. I didn’t even have a clue that a tool like this exists. If I had known I’d possibly got myself one much sooner. I don’t know how often I had to see something in corners that I just couldn’t reach with my flashlight and curse and swore for a while about that. So this flashlight is exactly what I needed and more!

It is only partly extended on the last picture, otherwise it wouldn’t have fit in the frame ;)

Here is some data from the amazon page, to make sure that the info is all correct:

  • 3 super bright white led bulbs
  • Collapsed length: 6 1/2″ (ca. 17 cm)
  • Extended Length: 21 1/4″(ca 56 cm)
  • Flexible and adjustable neck angle
  • Rare earth magnet on head of flashlight
  • Push button on/off switch
  • Aluminum body
  • 4 LR44 batteries included

I just love that I can reach all kinds of dark corners with the light. I do not have to reach around and hope to hit the spot. Instead I just pull out the arm as much as I need it and then bend the neck around, which is especially handy for that dark far off computer corner to see if the cable is still attached correctly. Or to find that little screw that fell behind the couch. While it is flexible, it stays in position, so it is not too flexible.

Since the battery is included, it can be put into action right away. I know it said bright white LED bulbs, but I was honestly surprised by how bright it is. The flashlight also isn’t heavy so it can be held by the fingertips. What I did not read before was that there is a magnet inside the head. So remember that little screw I talked about that fell behind the couch? You can pick it up with the head instead of crawling somehow beneath or behind the sofa.

If there is anything I could criticize, it would be that the on and off switch could be at a better position. Before I can turn off the lamp I have to pull it back out so I can reach the head at the end of the flexible angle. I’d find it much more practical if the switch were down at the handle so I could turn it off before pulling it out, so I don’t accidentally blind someone (Yeah that happened, sorry darling!). But that is actually nitpicking.

Otherwise I am super happy with this flashlight and it might have been the longest I ever talked ABOUT a flashlight. With a price of 8.99$ (9.99€) it’s a steal and totally worth it. 5 Happy Pandas for this one.

Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda

Links to buy the “KIMILAR Retractable LED Flashlight”



KIMILAR Retractable LED Flashlight Today I am going to look at this nifty little tool, the KIMILAR Retractable LED Flashlight. I didn’t even have a clue that a tool like this exists.

January 17 2016

"Enemy of my Enemy" Reveal

“Enemy of my Enemy” Novella Reveal

I have been asked what I am workig on at the moment a few times and one of the projects it getting into stages at which I can tell you more about it! I have mentioned my dear friend Jonathan Snyder before and he is working on a Sci-Fi Roleplaying System called “Blood in Space”.

It is an honor for me, that he has asked me to write a novella based on that universe. I’m excited to tell you that the…

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January 09 2016

Digital Cross-stitching fun

Usually I try to stick to writing, but I had a little too much fun for the last two days with this little App on Facebook, I want to tell you about. It’s called “Cross-Stitch World”.

Some might ask why anyone would want to cross stitch online, and I can totally understand that. I had the same question, at least until I tried it. After playing around for a while I found it oddly calming, almost…

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December 26 2015

Coloring Hope

I don’t know about you, but I love coloring books. I always have loved them. As a child I kept filling them with all kinds of color from crayons, pens, even ink if I didn’t have anything else. I especially enjoyed using unexpected color and colour outside of lines, adding backgrounds that were not implied. I even have a coloring book for adults, but that is NSFW (adult adult lol) so I am not…

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